The SubVersion Complex

This book is the first book in The SubVersion Trilogy and is complete. It is available exclusively from Amazon as either a Kindle eBook or a paperback. Click here to order!

A prisoner on death row has effortlessly escaped from the most secure detention facility on earth and is on the loose in the suburbs of Washington D.C. looking for someone. His target? A brilliant computer scientist named Annalise McLean who has just been promoted to the top of the HomoGen Initiative, a company founded to further the human species by manufacturing their children for them.

However, the government of the Reunited States of America wants their prisoner back and has launched an intensive manhunt to accost him. For the prisoner is not only a deadly soldier, he also carries with him a secret so potent it will threaten to destroy everything both Annalise and the government have worked so hard to create.

In this late twenty-first century tale of politics, violence, and decayed morality, in a world that has abandoned the work of children to scientists, Annalise must decide which is worth more in the end: her own demons and ideology, or the truth of the prisoner's message.

Because, as it turns out, the horrible secret lies only a couple yards directly beneath their feet...