The Demon Maelstrom

This book is the second book in The SubVersion Trilogy and is complete. It is available exclusively from Amazon as either a Kindle eBook or a paperback. Click here to order!

In the middle of planning a coup to overthrow the tyrannical Central Admin, the rebel
organization Vérité is hit by a sudden and brutal attack that leaves it reeling. As if
that wasn't enough, a key member of Vérité's administration disappears without a trace,
leaving the rest to worry that there is a mole in their midst.

Meanwhile, Vérité's newest double-agent inside Central Admin, Annalise McLean, is abruptly
assigned a bizarre task by the Party General Secretary: she must divert her attention from
the security system she is building and use her considerable computer forensic skills to
ferret out a mysterious hacker instead.

Casualties start to mount on both sides, the hounding agents of Central Admin begin to close in around her, and Anna's hunt for the hacker leads down ever darker and more terrifying paths. She soon finds that her faith in her new Vérité friends and the ideals they believe in will be stretched to the absolute limit as she struggles to find her place.

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