Friday, September 12, 2014

First Draft is Finished!

Sorry for not posting this last month...
Major milestone of my life reached: The first draft of The SubVersion Complex was born at 7:11 on the morning of the 24th of August, weighing in at a whopping 123,200 words/237 pages. It is 32 chapters long, two chapters longer than my original projection, and it took just about ten months to reach this point from late October last year to August 24th of this year. Before October of last year the idea for this story didn't even exist, but ever since then it has been the haunt of my fevered imagination. And now the first draft is here!

Many thanks to my ever-patient wife Elizabeth for putting up with my odd hours and frustrations in getting these ideas out, and for believing in my book when I didn't. Also, many thanks to those who have commented on the blog versions of the various chapters. It was all constructive criticism and/or encouragement, and it shaped the final product for the better in ways you probably don't know.

I will let everyone know the official release date once I know it. It has tentatively been set to Halloween of this year, that dark day being the eve of the day of all that is holy, and the book being about transforming from darkness and violence and despair to hope and grace and love.

Let There Be Life!

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