Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Book, New Header, Book Two!

Well, I waited until the last possible minute here, but Book Two of the SubVersion Trilogy finally has a title! Originally I had intended to follow a "SubVersion" naming scheme, but that severely limited the scope of what I always meant to convey with the book titles. So instead, I literally went through dozens of possible titles after ditching the one I had up here, but at last I have one that is here to stay. Book Two will officially be titled The Demon Maelstrom.

To mark the occasion, and to show where we are in the progress of the trilogy, the header image above has been changed to reflect the new title. The header reflects the font that will be used for the title on the cover. Hopefully I'll have a cover design for the new book on display here in a couple days or weeks.

Stay tuned for excerpts from the new book, as well as various bits of info and sundry items. Let There Be Life!

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