Saturday, March 18, 2017


At long last, it is my pleasure to bring you all your first glimpse at the final book of the SubVersion Trilogy, THE DARK THRESHOLD. Enjoy trying to figure out what the hell is going on!


The resounding thud of rockets impacting on the tank was dwarfed by the double sonic boom that crashed over Daniel and his men, huddled on the ground while the two fighters screamed overhead and arced upward into the overcast sky. Daniel heard windows shatter in the buildings behind him. He gingerly raised his head and looked down the bridge towards the tank.

All that was left of the once fearsome machine was a pile of twisted black wreckage, the carcass of some giant fighting beetle squashed by an even more giant boot. Its remains sparked and burned, shooting off a metallic pinging noise as unfired rounds in its destroyed magazine cooked off and detonated.

And that's how we do that,” the comm announced, with more than a hint of pride. “Those tanks are a bitch to take out.”

Daniel tapped the comm button. “It's good to have you in my sky again, Benaras. You keep on blowing shit up.” He stood and shouted to his men. “Into the trucks! We're running out of time!”

As the group rushed back into their assault vehicles Daniel's comm crackled again. It was Cooke this time. “What else do you need destroyed?” he asked in his sonorous voice. “Our sensors are picking up at least two more autotanks in your immediate area, and a lot of movement on the street beyond your bridge. Looks like it might be your SubVersion army.”

Daniel swung into the lead truck's passenger seat. “If you can, buzz the whole lot of them. Clear us a path to Central Admin's front door. That's where we're going.”

Roger that.”

Feel free to soften up Central Admin's security perimeter too, while you're at it.”

Roger that too.”

And Cooke?” Daniel hesitated, his stomach and his heart sinking. “Don't hit Central Admin itself. There's someone inside that we have to get out, alive.”

We'll make it happen. Out.”

Daniel slammed the door shut and leaned to the driver. “Go! Get us over this damn bridge!”

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